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As an ambitious 25 year old still figuring out parenting and my roll in the adult life I'm determined to get the most out of myself. Right now my main personal values are Challenge, Curiosity, Self-respect, and Belonging.

Every person has an inner voice telling them what they need, it says "wake up now" in the morning it says "don't eat that" when we're full. Growing up means learning that nobody can be that voice for you. You have to learn to hear it, and find the strength to listen over every other voice calling for your attention and telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

More Veggies Should Be Enough Right? But Less Coffee... Not So Much

160.9 lbs
4.5 lbs down in 2 days juicing
I must confess, on my juice fast, I had a burger and a half last night. I was starting to feel a flu coming on I'm just so done with being sick and I think the energy being rapidly depleted from my fat cells is releasing to much toxins into my body for my immune system to handle... yes, we'll go with that. Anyway the burgers where amazingly delicious and I regretted it only a little, but then realized, it's my plan and burgers can be part of the transition into it if that's how I decide for it to be.
I consumed 5 fresh juices today as well as some various foods that weren’t particularly healthy, okay, they where cookies and ice cream if you must know. This isn't easy at all and I congratulate myself for the amount that I am managing and for my honesty. To me, food shame is a vicious cycle, I eat public and proud if I'm gonna eat three pieces of cake, and five cookies I will do it right in front of you. I enjoy food and I'd rather have my pleasure with company than alone.
By the end of this I plan to be consuming less meat products by finding some vegetarian entrees I enjoy and be selective about the quality of meat I buy, be eating fruit with every breakfast and vegetables with my other meals (french fries anyone? I'm kidding)
I don't plan on kicking my caffeine any time soon. I have a love affair with coffee and have enjoyed a nice brew every Sunday since I was 6 and running wild on the mountain sides of Paupua New Guinea. My parents allowed me half a cup every Sunday at church. Our neighbors grew coffee plants and I occasionally picked off the beans and sucked the sweet outer shell off, the non-roasted inner part is not what I would consider edible though.

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