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As an ambitious 25 year old still figuring out parenting and my roll in the adult life I'm determined to get the most out of myself. Right now my main personal values are Challenge, Curiosity, Self-respect, and Belonging.

Every person has an inner voice telling them what they need, it says "wake up now" in the morning it says "don't eat that" when we're full. Growing up means learning that nobody can be that voice for you. You have to learn to hear it, and find the strength to listen over every other voice calling for your attention and telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Taming Inflamation With Juice Has An Awesome 1 Day Effect On The Tummy


4 lbs
1 Day juice fast

Despite the awesome 4 lbs after 1 day on the plan... it's been a very difficult day. It was Timbits, those evil little nuggets of doughnut pleasure. I brought a box of them into the house this morning to host a friend and give to the kids. They lingered around the house all day, when I came downstairs after putting Wesley for a nap they greeted me on the dining room table, the sugar was glistening on their surface. I chugged some water, it was all I could do to stave off the craving.

When I look at foods like Timbits, burgers, or perogi, this rationalization goes through my head 

“Well if I eat just a bit today it won't be so bad” 

“yes but you know once you start it won't be just a little bit, you'll throw up your hands and make a day of it” my counter-voice pitches in 

“If I eat doughnuts today and have a great old time eating junk food, I'll just start my plan tomorrow” 

“You already said that three day's ago, today is the day. Look your already into it 1 day, have posted pictures on Instagram and told the world your going to do this, besides, your going to visit your family in 3 weeks and wanted to have made progress by then if you keep pushing it back you'll have nothing to show for it.”

And that's how I talked myself through it, yay counter-voice your a winner... this time.

When I looked up to scan the room, I noticed in the last 20 minutes my 1 year old has trashed the dining room, this is the part where I throw up my hands and consume consolation treats. But not today! It's what, 5 minutes of work to put it back together, get a grip Meghan don't be so dramatic.

I'm making burgers for the girls supper this evening and consuming a lovely garden variety green juice myself... wish me luck!

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