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As an ambitious 25 year old still figuring out parenting and my roll in the adult life I'm determined to get the most out of myself. Right now my main personal values are Challenge, Curiosity, Self-respect, and Belonging.

Every person has an inner voice telling them what they need, it says "wake up now" in the morning it says "don't eat that" when we're full. Growing up means learning that nobody can be that voice for you. You have to learn to hear it, and find the strength to listen over every other voice calling for your attention and telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Making Sense Of The Mess In My Head: The 6 Month Planning Tool For Everything

To make life easier in so many ways I created this planning tool for myself I've used it to plan out 4 different projects already! let me know how it works for you and if you liked it.

On the 20th I began the first day of a 6 month plan I sketched together in my notebook, look there at that hi level of resolve, whew impressive! But it doesn't take long for it to start tanking, and as it goes down, my stress goes up until there is only stress, stress, and more stress in the foreseeable future.

Today is day 5, and as you can see, it was a very stressful day, actually I drew that graph this morning, predicting it would be a stressful day, which was a gross underestimation actually, it has been a long time since I have had such an awful day and many future stressful days to come if I don't do something about it, so, I'm going to do something.

This evening I express, my stress was OFF THE CHART. How am I going to get control of this spiraling disaster? What will I do tomorrow to change the for-cast? I'm going to take a holistic approach I planned out. Also, I'll call on all the resources I have for help. I live 9 hours from my parents raising two daughters alone but I have good friends and some relatives I'm going to call on to help me.

Here it is, the holistic 6 month plan to reduce stress and achieve my fitness goals. If I can stick to this my stress will remain manageable, my kids will know what's happening with their day and not to mention their mom ("what's wrong with mom") I'll start building an emergency buffer for my bills and some savings and I will finally fit all my amazing glorious clothes that I miss so much, all in six months. 

Planning Tools For You:

I love using this 6 month chart for all sorts of plans, here's a free printable for you of a blank planning table there's also a printer friendly version:

Thursday, 22 May 2014

More Veggies Should Be Enough Right? But Less Coffee... Not So Much

160.9 lbs
4.5 lbs down in 2 days juicing
I must confess, on my juice fast, I had a burger and a half last night. I was starting to feel a flu coming on I'm just so done with being sick and I think the energy being rapidly depleted from my fat cells is releasing to much toxins into my body for my immune system to handle... yes, we'll go with that. Anyway the burgers where amazingly delicious and I regretted it only a little, but then realized, it's my plan and burgers can be part of the transition into it if that's how I decide for it to be.
I consumed 5 fresh juices today as well as some various foods that weren’t particularly healthy, okay, they where cookies and ice cream if you must know. This isn't easy at all and I congratulate myself for the amount that I am managing and for my honesty. To me, food shame is a vicious cycle, I eat public and proud if I'm gonna eat three pieces of cake, and five cookies I will do it right in front of you. I enjoy food and I'd rather have my pleasure with company than alone.
By the end of this I plan to be consuming less meat products by finding some vegetarian entrees I enjoy and be selective about the quality of meat I buy, be eating fruit with every breakfast and vegetables with my other meals (french fries anyone? I'm kidding)
I don't plan on kicking my caffeine any time soon. I have a love affair with coffee and have enjoyed a nice brew every Sunday since I was 6 and running wild on the mountain sides of Paupua New Guinea. My parents allowed me half a cup every Sunday at church. Our neighbors grew coffee plants and I occasionally picked off the beans and sucked the sweet outer shell off, the non-roasted inner part is not what I would consider edible though.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Taming Inflamation With Juice Has An Awesome 1 Day Effect On The Tummy


4 lbs
1 Day juice fast

Despite the awesome 4 lbs after 1 day on the plan... it's been a very difficult day. It was Timbits, those evil little nuggets of doughnut pleasure. I brought a box of them into the house this morning to host a friend and give to the kids. They lingered around the house all day, when I came downstairs after putting Wesley for a nap they greeted me on the dining room table, the sugar was glistening on their surface. I chugged some water, it was all I could do to stave off the craving.

When I look at foods like Timbits, burgers, or perogi, this rationalization goes through my head 

“Well if I eat just a bit today it won't be so bad” 

“yes but you know once you start it won't be just a little bit, you'll throw up your hands and make a day of it” my counter-voice pitches in 

“If I eat doughnuts today and have a great old time eating junk food, I'll just start my plan tomorrow” 

“You already said that three day's ago, today is the day. Look your already into it 1 day, have posted pictures on Instagram and told the world your going to do this, besides, your going to visit your family in 3 weeks and wanted to have made progress by then if you keep pushing it back you'll have nothing to show for it.”

And that's how I talked myself through it, yay counter-voice your a winner... this time.

When I looked up to scan the room, I noticed in the last 20 minutes my 1 year old has trashed the dining room, this is the part where I throw up my hands and consume consolation treats. But not today! It's what, 5 minutes of work to put it back together, get a grip Meghan don't be so dramatic.

I'm making burgers for the girls supper this evening and consuming a lovely garden variety green juice myself... wish me luck!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

12 lbs in 2 Months... My Life Is In Shambles


Today is the day, this is the time I'm going to win this private victory in my home. I've broken it down into a three month plan. It seems like everything in my life has been slipping. I've been drifting and not all there. I've let them all drop

I've let them all drop, health, ambition, achievement, my dreams and goals I set out to do, a dark patch is gripping my unsinkable spirit. I set out a list of goals for myself and I will now recommit myself to them by creating and insisting on blog post accountability to keep me on target.

Also, I took all of my goals and broke them down into a graph to depict what week I'll tackle each step and keep myself on track. 

It seems like when my fitness goals and spending begin to loose control my whole life feels like it's a wreck and in shambles, so I'm going to tackle this one goal at at time, starting with fitness, to energize myself for the coming challenges. 


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