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As an ambitious 25 year old still figuring out parenting and my roll in the adult life I'm determined to get the most out of myself. Right now my main personal values are Challenge, Curiosity, Self-respect, and Belonging.

Every person has an inner voice telling them what they need, it says "wake up now" in the morning it says "don't eat that" when we're full. Growing up means learning that nobody can be that voice for you. You have to learn to hear it, and find the strength to listen over every other voice calling for your attention and telling you what you should and shouldn't be doing.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Heart Sick Mosaic

Here's one of the two mosaics I'll be making for the very first self-discovery event I've called, "Heart sick, and Souls Song Mosaics"

As you can see, not the most encouraging or uplifting patchwork of images. Ominous and upsetting are two words that come to mind. Actually while working on this it was interesting to observe the impact the images had on my mood, I found myself irritable.
As part of the Independent Living Program I'm developing I took video for the first "Self Discovery Event" last Friday and am planning to post it this Friday. I hope to publish two events a month, every second Friday. And on the side continue working on the "Order In the House" portion of the program, where I'm creating a multi media method for keeping household tasks in order and in they're place so the fun and uplifting things that make life worth living don't get left behind with childhood.

I've already done this with one group of young ladies to test it out and have tweaked it a little since then, so I'm very thankful for my test group and will ask them if they'll let me share some of their own creations. I was busy leading the event so didn't get a chance to do my own until this week.

When's the last time you where able to take a bit of time to do something fun and creative that you wanted to do? If there's 15 creative things you wish you had time to do, try this anti-procrastination remedy: "choose three and do one" just choose three and try to do one of them. Once you get on a roll you'll likely end up getting the other two done as well.

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